Proceedings of the
"Journées 2002 Systèmes de Référence Spatio-temporels"
25-28 September 2002 - Bucharest, Romania
Electronic version
Astronometry from ground and from space
Astrométrie au sol et dans l'espace

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Table of contents
List of participants
Scientific program
Klioner S., Soffel M.: Relativity for astrometry at the microarcsecond level
Chapront J., Francou G.: The Lunar theory ELP2000 revisited
Damljanovic G., Souchay J.: Cross-identification of Hipparcos - 2MASS. Second incremental data release
Zhu Z.: Hipparcos proper-motion system with respect to FK5 and SPM 2.0 systems
Aslan Z., Gumerov R., Hamitov E., Jin W., Maigurova N., Pinigin G., Protsyuk Yu., Shulga A., Tang Z., Wang S.: Refinement of linking optical-radio reference frames on the basis of the international joint project
Teixeira R., Ducourant C., Sartori M.J., Benevides-Soares P., Muiños J.L., Périé J.P.,Guibert J., Mallamaci C.: Optical position and proper motion for X-ray sources southeastern of the Ophiuchus molecular clouds
Coll B.: A principal positioning system for the Earth
Charlot P.: Extending and improving the ICRF
Vondrák J., Ron J.: An improved optical reference frame for long-term Earth rotation studies
Schuh H., Schlueter W., Vandenberg N.: Prospective improvements of IVS products and evolvement of observing programs
Yatskiv Ya., Molotaj O., Kuryanova A., Telnyuk--Adamchuk V.: Recent compiled catalogue of radio source positions RSC (GAOUA)01 C 01
Capitaine N.: Accurate formulation for the transformation between the terrestrial and celestial reference systems
Popescu R., Popescu P., Badescu O.: Deflection of the vertical in Bucharest derived from geodetic astronomical observations
Lambert S., Bizouard C.: Positioning the terrestrial ephemeris origin in the international terrestrial reference frame
Mioc V.: Planetary rotation and stability of satellite orbits
Babenko Yu., Daniltsev O., Vertypolokh O., Kovalchuk A., Protsyuk Yu., Pinigin G., Shulga A., Dementeva A., Rylkov V., Bocsa G., Popescu P.: Reduction of compiled catalogue in the selected extragalactic radio source (ERS) fields
Drobitko E., Vityazev V.: Kinematics of nearby and distant stars
Fujishita M.: Problems to construct the radio celestial reference frame using VERA
Kazakevich E., Orlov V., Vityazev V.: HIPPARCOS: Search for the stellar groups
Kazakevich E., Vityazev V.: TYCHO2: The Wavelet search for stellar groups
Brzeziński A., Mathews P.M.: Recent advances in modeling the lunisolar perturbation in polar motion corresponding to high frequency nutation: Report on the discussion of the IAU Commission 19 WG on nutation
Dehant V., de Viron O., Van Hoolst T., Feissel-Vernier M., Ma C.: Nutation residuals and physics of the Earth interior
Escapa A., Getino J., Ferrándiz J. M.: Variational approach to the rotational dynamics of a three-layer Earth model: Fluid outer core interactions
Bizouard C., Lambert S.: Variable processes in polar motion and length of day
Kosek W.: Polar motion prediction by different methods in polar coordinates system
Kudlay O.: Precise analysis of EOP series: An attempt to distinguish chaotic and non-stationary processes
Souchay J., Folgueira M.: Free motion of elastic bodies with respect to an inertial and body-fixed frame. Application to the Earth
Zharov V.E., Pasynok S.L.: Theory of nutation of the non-rigid Earth with the atmosphere
Mioc V., Stavinschi M.: Martian rotation influence on eccentric trajectories of orbiters
Bourda G.: Gravitational potential, inertia and Earth rotation
Escapa A., Ferrándiz J. M. Getino J.: Quasi-semmidiurnal nutations induced by the indirect effect of the triaxiality of the Earth: Rigid and non-rigid models
Korsun A. A., Kurbasova G. S.: Variations of the intensity of siberian anticyclone and Earth rotation.
Xia Y., Zhang C.: Martian precession and nutation
Zharov V.E., Pasynok S.L., Getino J.: Comparative analysis of the new nutation series
Daigne G.: All-sky Survey missions and optical interferometers complementary tools in building reference frames
Mignard F., Kovalevsky J.: Space astrometry missions: Principles and objectives
Stavinschi M.: The IAU Working Group ``Future development of ground-based astrometry"
Muiños J.L., Belizón F., Vallejo M., Mallamaci C, Pérez J.A.: Observations with the Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada CCD transit circle in Argentina
Andrei A. H., Penna J. L., Neto E. R., Jilinski E. G., Boscardin S. C., Delmas C, Morand F., Laclare F.: Solar diameter observations on the maximum of cycle 23
Boc\c{s}a G.: Observations of Pluto in Bucharest during 1932 and 1967-1975: Precise positions and magnitudes
Ron C., Vondrák J.: An improved star catalogue for Ondrejov PZT
Ducourant C., Argyle R.-W., Le Campion J.-F., Daigne G., Périé J.P., Rapaport M., Soubiran C.: Proper motion survey in the Bordeaux M2000 zone
Pinigin G.: Limited possibilities of the ground-based optical astrometry instrumentation
Popescu R., Popescu P., Paraschiv P.: Preliminary tests for CCD observations of mutual phenomena in Bucharest
Kovalevsky J.: Conditions of possible programs using small and medium size ground-based astrometric instruments
Andrei A. H., Da Silva Neto D.N., Assafin M., Vieira Martins R.: Radio structure effects on the optical and radio representations of the ICRF
Babenko Yu., Lazorenko P., Vertypolokh O., Karbovsky V., Andruk V., Kasjan S., Buromsky M., Denisyuk O.: Kyiv meridian axial telescope observational programs: First results
Bougeard M.: Statistical methods in application to astrometry
Langhans R.: A universal computer program for high precision position determination of minor planets on CCD-frames
Langhans R., Malyuto V., Potthoff H.: Calculated differential color refraction confronted with observed stellar positions
Pogoreltsev M., Babenko Yu., Vertypolokh O.: Application of the "Scanner+MIDAS" complex for processing astrometric photographic plates
Tang Z., Yu Y., Li J., Zhao M., Wang S., Jin W.: Application of block-adjustment on extending FOV of CCD
Vertypolokh O., Babenko Yu, Lazorenko P.: Devices for reduction of CCD distortion under scan mode observations
Débarbat S., Lerner M.-P.: La rotation de la Terre de l'antiquité à l'aube du XX\`eme si\`ecle
Gambis D., Abarca del Rio R., Salstein D.: Decadal modulation in the seasonal variations of Earth rotation: Possible relationship with solar activity
Soma M., Tanikawa K., Kawabata K.: Earth rotation in the 7th century derived from eclipse records in Japan and in China
Teyssandier P., Linet B.: Time transfer and frequency shift up to the order 1/c^4 in the field of an axisymmetric rotating body
Mandache C., Sortais Y., Bize S., Pereira dos Santos F., Abgrall M., Zhang S., Calonico D., Marion H., Macsimovic Y., Lemonde P., Santarelli G., Laurent P., Salomon C., Clairon A.: Atomic frequency standards and time measurement
Paraschiv P., Popescu P.: Long-term stability of Rohde & Schwarz quartz clocks