Proceedings of the
"Journées 2010 Systèmes de Référence Spatio-temporels"
20-22 September 2010 - Observatoire de Paris, France
(Electronic Version)
New challenges for reference systems
and numerical standards in astronomy
Nouveaux défis pour les systèmes de référence
et les constantes astronomiques

The Proceedings of the Journées 2010 that were held at Observatoire de Paris and Ecole Normale Supérieure, France, from 20 to 22 September 2010, has been published in printed form on September 2011.

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Reference to be quoted for the Proceedings of the Journées 2010:

     Proceedings of the Journées 2010 "Systèmes de Référence Spatio-Temporels",
     N. Capitaine (ed.), Observatoire de Paris, 2011.
     ISBN 978-2-901057-64-2

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Table of contents
In memoriam
List of participants
Scientific program
Luzum B., Capitaine N., Fienga A., Folkner W. et al.: Numerical standards of fundamental astronomy working group update
Petit G.: The new edition of the iers conventions: conventional reference systems and constants
Jacobson R. A. , Folkner W. M. , Taylor A. H. , Konopliv A. S. , Williams J. G. , Brozovic M. : Planetary system gms in the JPL planetary ephemerides
Hohenkerk C.Y.: SOFA---A status report, review and look to the future
Capitaine N., Guinot B., Klioner S.: Proposal for the re-definition of the astronomical unit of length through a fixed relation to the SI metre
Vondrák J., Capitaine N., Wallace P.: Some new thoughts about long-term precession formula
Débarbat S., Passeron I., Launay F.: From old weights and measures to the SI as a numerical standard for the world
Kudryavtsev S.M.: An inertial effect in satellite motion not described by the current IERS conventions
Kaplan G. H.: Introductory remarks for session 2
Fienga A., Manche H., Kuchynka P., Laskar J., Gastineau M.: Planetary and lunar ephemerides INPOP10A
Folkner W.M.: Uncertainties in the JPL planetary ephemeris
Pitjeva E.V., Bratseva O.A., Panfilov V.E.: EPM -- Ephemerides of Planets and the Moon of IAA RAS: their model, accuracy, availability
Laskar J., Fienga A., Gastineau M., Manche H: INPOP, a million year ephemeris
Kudryavtsev S.M.: Development of long-term numerical ephemerides of telluric planets to analytical series
Krasinsky G.A., Prokhorenko S.O., Yagudina E.I.: New version of EPM-ERA Lunar theory
Manche H., Fienga A., Laskar J., Bouquillon S., Francou G., Gastineau M.: LLR residuals of INPOP10A and constraints on Post-Newtonian parameters
Dehant V., Oberst J., Nadalini, R.: Geodesy instrument package on the Moon for improving our knowledge of the Moon and the realization of reference frames
Pashkevich V.V., Eroshkin G.I.: Application of the spectral analysis methods for the investigation of the Moon rotation
Hilton J.L., Hohenkerk C.Y.: A comparison of the high accuracy planetary ephemerides DE421, EPM2008, and INPOP08
Barache C., Bouquillon S., Carlucci T., Deleflie F. et al.: Web interface for lunar laser ranging observations
Cottereau L.: A dynamical study of Phoebe's rotation
Francou G., Simon J.-L.: New analytical planetary theories VSOP2010
Giorgini J.: Summary and status of the Horizons ephemeris system
Marco F.J., Martinez M.J., Lopez J.A.: Propagation in time of errors for the mutual inclination of satellites
Weratschnig J.M. , Taylor D.B., Bell S.A., Hilton J.L., A.T. Sinclair: Computation of the quantities describing Lunar librations in the Astronomical Almanac
Zacharias N., Gaume R.: UCAC and URAT: optical astrometric catalog observing programs
Souchay J.: The large quasar astrometric catalogue (LQAC) and the densification of the ICRF through the LQRF (Large Quasar Reference Frame)
Bucciarelli B., Andrei A.H., Smart R.L., Lattanzi M.G., Schirosi U., Penna J.L., Daprá M., de Moura Estevao T.G., D'ávila V.A., Camargo J.I.B., Crosta M.T., Goldman B., Jones H.R.A., Nicastro L., Da Silva Neto D.N., Teixeira R.: Absolute parallaxes and proper motions from the PARSEC program
Bourda G., Collioud A., Charlot P., Porcas R., Garrington S.: Towards a VLBI catalog of optically-bright extragalactic radio sources for the alignment of the radio frame with the future GAIA frame
Damljanovic G.: Comparison of the proper motions in declination of four catalogues via 807 hipparcos stars
Fedorov P.N., Akhmetov V.S., Yatskiv Ya.S.: THE XPM catalogue as a realisation of the extragalactic reference system in optical and near infrared WAVELENGHS
Maigurova N., Martynov M., Pinigin G.: Optical positions of ICRF sources using UCAC3 reference stars
Andrei A.H., Gontier A.-M., Barache C., da Silva Neto D.N. et al.: GAIA initial quasar catalogue - updates: morphology and variability
Yatskiv Ya.S., Bolotin S.L., Lytvyn S.O.: MAO C 08A combined catalogue of radio source positions created in the course of preparation for the ICRF2
Brzezinski A.: Diurnal excitation of Earth rotation estimated from recent geophysical models
Gross R.S, Dickman S.R.: Observing and modeling long-period tidal variations in polar motion
Altamimi Z., Collilieux X.: Examination of some ITRF2008 results
Böhm S., Schuh H.: Response of the Earth system to zonal tidal forcing examined by VLBI based dUT1 variations
Chapanov Ya., Vondrák J., Ron C.: Centennial cycles of the solar activity and Earth rotation
Escapa A., Getino J., Miguel D., Ferrandiz J. M.: Influence of the inner core geopotential variations on the rotation of the Earth
Brumberg V. A., Ivanova T. V.: On solution of the three--axial Earth's rotation problem
Boucher C.: A refined definition of the International Terrestrial Reference System
Coulot D., Bernard E., Collilieux X.: Influence of station referencing on the quality of EOP time series
Nastula J., Pasnicka M., Kolaczek B.: Comparison of the hydrological excitation functions HAM of polar motion for the period 1980.0-2007.0
Kosek W., Popinski W., Niedzielski T.: Wavelet based comparison of high frequency oscillations in the geodetic and fluid excitation functions of polar motion
Malkin Z.M.: Comparison of CPO and FCN empirical models
Nilsson T., Böhm J., Schuh H.: Impacts of the 2010 chile earthquake on Earth rotation
Schindelegger M., Böhm J., Schuh H., Salstein D.A.: High-resolution atmospheric angular momentum. Functions from different ecmwf data classes
Stamatakos N., Luzum B. , Stetzler B., Shumate N., Carter M. S.: Recent improvements in iers rapid service/prediction center products
Zotov L.V.: Analysis of Chandler wobble excitation, reconstructed from observations of the polar motion of the Earth
Aleshkina E.Yu.: on correlation between variations in Earth rotation and frequency of earthquakes
Abarca del Rio R. , Gambis D.: Revisiting a possible relationship between solar activity and Earth rotation variability
Bizouard C., Lambert S., Remus F., Seoane L., Gambis D.: The source of the variable Chandler wobble
Chapanov Ya. , Gambis D.: Variations of the Earth principal moments of inertia due to glacial cycles for the last 800KA
Hefty J., Gerhatova L., Burgan J.: Combination of GPS and GLONASS IN PPP algorithms and its effect on site coordinates determination
Kudryashova M., Lambert S., Dehant V., Bruyninx C., Defraigne P.: Determination of nutation offsets by combining VLBI/GPS-produced normal equations
Lambert S. B., Gontier A.-M., Barache C.: Operational and research activity at OPAR
Gontier A.-M., Lambert S. B.: Physical characteristics of the ICRF2 sources
Malkin Z.M. , Miller N.O.: Amplitude and phase variations of the chandler wobble from 164-yr polar motion series
Marceta D., Segan S.: Method for prediction of ΔT based on long-periodic terms in the Earth's rate of rotation
Marco F.J., Martinez M.J.: Applications of simultaneous ground-based and satellite observations
Martinez M.J., Marco F.J.: ΔT and tidal acceleration values from three european medieval eclipses
Morcov G.: About the configuration of the geoid undulations and their kinematics
Niedzielski T., Kosek W.: Nonlinear sea level variations in the equatorial Pacific due to ENSO
Richard J.Y., Gambis D., Bizouard C.: Earth rotation parameters determined over CONT08 from the combination of space geodetic techniques
Ron C., Vondrak J., Stefka V.: Comparison of the various atmospheric and oceanic angular momentum series
Stefka V.: The recent improvement in non-rigorous combination method of space geodetic techniques
Tian W., Brzezinski A., Soffel M.H., Gebauer A.,Schreiber K.U., Klugel T.: The interpretation of high frequency signals in the g-ring laser gyroscope
Yao K., Capitaine, N.: Modelling of the Earth orientation and high precision astrometric observation techniques
Kopeikin S.M.: An extension of the IAU framework for reference systems
Hobbs G., Coles W., Manchester R., Chen D.: Developing a pulsar-based timescale
Rodin A.E.: Ensemble pulsar time scale
Cognard I., Desvignes G., Theureau G.: High precision pulsar timing : Nancay and the european pulsar timing array
Gusev A.: Chandler wobble and free core nutation of single pulsar
Soffel M.H., Klioner S.A., Gerlach E.: About the MacCullagh relations in relativity
Xie Y., Kopeikin S.: Post-Newtonian mechanics of the Earth-Moon system
Teyssandier P.: Post-post-Newtonian light propagation without integrating the geodesic equations
Mouret S.: Tests of fundamental physics with the GAIA mission
Lamine B., Courty J.-M., Reynaud S., Jaekel M.-T.: Testing gravity law in the solar system
Deng X.-M. , Huang T.-Y.: 2PN light propagation and measurement in the solar system
Dumin Yu.V.: Perturbation of a planetary orbit by the lambda-term (dark energy) in Einstein equations
Fienga A., Desvignes G., Cognard I., Theureau G.: Use of millisecond pulsars to test and link planetary ephemeride reference frames to ICRF
Kanj A., Achkar J.: Development of the TWSTFT carrier-phase technique at LNE-SYRTE
Bertone S., Le Poncin-Lafitte C., Lainey, V.: Light time calculations for deep space navigation
Postface (Announcement of the Journées 2011 )