"Nomenclature for Fundamental Astronomy" (NFA)

Educational documents relevant to the NFA issue

(Last update: 22 January 2006)

1) PPT Presentations at various meetings
(i) Journées 2005 (Warsaw, 19-21 September 2005)
      Latest proposals of the IAU Working Group on Nomenclature for fundamental astronomy (NFA WG)
      Recent progress in astronomical nomenclature in the relativistic framework (S. Klioner, M. Soffel)
      Progress on the implementation of the new nomenclature in "The Astronomical Almanac" (C. Hohenkerk, G. Kaplan)
(ii) Journées 2004 (Paris, 20-22 September 2004)
      Report of the IAU NFA WG (N. Capitaine)
      3D representation of the Non-Rotating Origin (O. de Viron, V. Dehant)   (PPT presentation with movies, either on line, or zip file)
All the movies called in this PPT presentation are "Copyright Royal Observatory of Belgium"; they are of medium quality for a more convenient upload.
For a better quality, please contact O. de Viron , Royal Observatory of Belgium. See more details, at: Films  .
        The ICRS, BCRS and GCRS, ITRS (M. Soffel, S. Klioner)
        Relativity in the problems of astronomical reference systems and Earth rotation (M. Soffel, S. Klioner)
        Implementation of the new nomenclature in The Astronomical Almanac (C. Hohenkerk)
        Post-IAU-2000 Nomenclature for the Telescope Pointing Application (P. Wallace)
(iii) Others meetings
        The IAU Recommendations on Reference Systems and their application (N. Capitaine, D.D. McCarthy): AAS Meeting, Denver, June 2004)
        SOFA software support for IAU 2000 (P. Wallace): AAS Meeting, Denver, June 2004
        Développements récents des concepts et des modèles en Astronomie fondamentale  (N. Capitaine): SFSA meeting, Paris, June 2004
       Recent International Recommendations on Reference Systems (D.D. McCarthy): USNO, April 2004
        VLBI contribution to precession (present and future)  (N. Capitaine, P. Wallace):2004 IVS General Meeting, Ottawa, February 2004
        Effect of the VLBI procedure on the estimated quantites for precession, nutation and UT1 (N. Capitaine): IVS Analysis Workshop, Ottawa, February 2004
        Precession-nutation in the framework of the IAU 2000 Resolutions  (N. Capitaine): Journées 2001, Bruxelles, September 2001

2) Examples
        An example transformation (P. Wallace, 29 July 2004; revised 20 January 2006)   pdf.file