"Scientific developments from highly accurate
space-time reference systems"
16-18 September 2013
Observatoire de Paris, Paris, France

The Journées 2013 "Systèmes de référence spatio-temporels", with the sub-title "Scientific developments from highly accurate space-time reference systems", will be organized at Paris Observatory, from 16 to 18 September 2013.
In addition, there will be Tutorials on Sunday 15 September (13:30-17:45).
These Journées will be the twenty-second meeting in this series of international meetings (see the list of the Journées) whose main purpose is to provide an international forum for advanced discussion in the fields of space and time reference systems, Earth rotation, astrometry and time (see the Proceedings of past Journées). They are sponsored by Paris Observatory, CNRS-INSU GRAM and the Labex FIRST-TF.

The Journées 2013 are co-sponsored by the International Astronomical Union (IAU)
and the International Association of Geodesy (IAG)

Travel grants
A limited number of travel grants is available (application deadline: 31 May 2013).
More information is available on the Useful Information web page.

Scientific Organizing Committee
N. Capitaine, France (Chair); A.Brzezinski, Poland; V. Dehant, Belgium; A.Escapa, Spain; C.Hohenkerk, UK; C.-L. Huang, China; I. Kumkova, Russian Federation; D.D.McCarthy, USA; M. Soffel, Germany; J. Souchay, France; J. Vondrak, Czech R.; Ya.Yatskiv, Ukraine
Local Organizing Committee
P. Baudoin, O. Becker, C. Bizouard, N. Capitaine, P. Delva,
N. Dimarcq (Chair), S. Lambert, M. Pailler, D. Souami, F. Taris