"Rencontres de l'Observatoire 2010"
(Poster of the Journées 2010)

The Journées 2010 "Systèmes de référence spatio-temporels", with the sub-title "New challenges for reference systems and numerical standards in astronomy", will be organized at Paris Observatory and at Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS Ulm), from 20 to 22 September 2010 (see the practical information).

These Journées will be the twentieth conference in this series whose main purpose is to provide a forum for advanced discussion in the fields of space and time reference systems, Earth rotation, solar system ephemerides, astrometry and time. (See the list of the previous Journees and the online Proceedings at: Previous Journees.)

The Journées 2010 are co-sponsored by the International Astronomical Union.

There were some grant applications; the deadline was 31 May 2010, see more details at: Practical information.

Scientific Organizing Commitee: A. Brzezinski, Poland; N. Capitaine, France (Chair); V. Dehant, Belgium; C. Hohenkerk, UK; I. Kumkova, Russian Federation; D.D. McCarthy, USA; M. Soffel, Germany; J. Souchay, France; J. Vondrák, Czech, R; Ya. Yatskiv, Ukraine.

Local Organizing Commitee: P. Baudoin, O. Becker, N. Dimarcq (Chair), D. Gambis, A.-M. Gontier, S. Lambert, M. Pailler, J.-Y. Richard.

Latest update: 08/07/2010