Proceedings instructions

  • Your presentation be must be written in LaTeX2e
  • The figure has to be in eps format (if not, your image will be deteriorate during conversion)
  • Send us your files with our upload page (see menu: "Upload your latex files")
  • Please name your file as below :
    Latex file    : YOUR_LASTNAME.tex
    Image files : YOUR_LASTNAME_nn.eps    where nn (01, 02, etc.) is a number of your image.
  • The proceeding of the Journées 2019 will be available only online, no paper version
  • Consequently, the number of allowed pages has been increased with respect to previous edition:
    1-6 pages for poster
    4-6 pages for oral talk
    6-8 pages for invited oral talk.

    Your article will be also available online.
Model to be used for preparing your LaTeX document :

	\textheight 24cm
	\textwidth 16cm
	\topmargin -30pt
	\oddsidemargin 0pt
	\evensidemargin 0pt


	\def\aa{A\&A }
	\def\aas{A\&AS }
	\def\aj{AJ }
	\def\cm{Celest. Mech. }
	\def\cmda{Celest. Mech. Dyn. Astr. }
	\def\gji{Geophys. J. Int. }
	\def\gjras{Geophys. J. R. Astron. Soc. }
	\def\jgr{J. Geophys. Res. }
	\def\mnras{MNRAS }

	% Please limit the use of the commands \def or \newcommand 
	% in order to avoid incompatibilities between all the files of the proceedings
	\noindent {\Large\bf TITLE OF THE PAPER (IN CAPITAL)}

	\noindent\hspace*{1cm} C. BERNARD$^1$, D. JOHNSON$^2$, ...  \\[0.2cm]
	\noindent\hspace*{1cm} $^1$ Institute of author1 - Country - email\\
	\noindent\hspace*{1cm} $^2$ Institute of author2 - Country - email\\
	\noindent {\large\bf ABSTRACT.} Your abstract of 150 words maximum
	\noindent {\large\bf 1. TITLE OF YOUR FIRST SECTION}
	Text of your section 
	\noindent {\large\bf 1.1 Title of your first subsection (First letter in capital)}
	Text of your first subsection 
	\noindent {\large\bf 2. TITLE OF YOUR SECOND SECTION}
	Text of your second section 
	\caption{Figure1 caption}
	 %%% Your table %%%
	\caption{Table1 caption}
	\noindent {\large\bf 3. CONCLUSION (optional)}
	Text of your conclusion	
	% Please type the reference as follows
	% Name Initial, year, "title", journal, vol. , pp. x-x.
	% Examples:
	% Author1, N., Author2, N., 2000, ``Title of the paper'', 
	% \aa 111, pp. 111--222.
	% Author2, N., Author3, N., 2003, ``Title of the paper'',
	% \jgr (Solid Earth), 111(B5), doi: 10.1000/2002JB001111.
	% (no italics, no boldface, etc.)
	\noindent{\large\bf 4. REFERENCES}
	Reference 1
	Reference 2
	reference 3