Scientific objectives

The purpose of this series of conferences is to discuss problems ranging from the concepts and realizations of space and time reference systems to the scientific interpretations of precise observations referred to these systems.
This series of conferences on the general topic of reference systems, each one with a specific sub-title, have been organized in Paris each year from 1988 to 1992 and alternately, since 1994, in Paris (in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013) and other European cities, namely Warsaw in 1995 and 2005, Prague in 1997, Dresden in 1999 and 2008, following also the tradition of the "Lohrmann colloquia", Brussels in 2001, Bucharest in 2002, St.Petersburg in 2003, Vienna in 2011 and Pulkovo in 2014. The Journées 1998 and 2003 included an "Orlov session" following the tradition of the "Orlov conferences".

List of the Journées from 1988

(The on-line Proceedings of the Journees are available here)

Recent developments and prospects in ground-based and space astrometry
Pulkovo, 22-24 September 2014
Scientific developments from highly accurate space-time reference systems
Paris, 16-18 September 2013
Earth rotation, reference systems and celestial mechanics: Synergies of geodesy and astronomy
Vienna, 19-21 September 2011
New challenges for reference systems and numerical standards in astronomy
Paris, 20-22 September 2010
Journées 2008 & X. Lohrmann-Kolloquium
Astrometry, Geodynamics and Astronomical Reference Systems
Dresden, 22-24 September 2008
The Celestial Reference Frame for the Future
Paris, 17-19 September 2007
Journées 2005
Earth dynamics and reference systems: five years after adoption of the IAU 2000 Resolutions
Warsaw, 19-21 September 2003
Fundamental Astronomy: New concepts and models for high accuracy observations
Paris, 20-22 September 2004
Astrometry, Geodynamics and Solar System Dynamics: from milliarcseconds to microarcseconds
St. Petersburg, 22-25 September 2003
Journées 2002
Astrometry from ground and from space
Bucharest, September 25-28 2002
Journées 2001
Influence of geophysics, time and space reference frames on Earth rotation studies
Brussels, September 24-26 2001
Journées 2000
J2000, a fundamental epoch for origins of reference systems and astronomical models
Paris, September 18-20 2000
Journées 1999 & IX. Lohrmann-Kolloquium
Motion of Celestial Bodies, Astrometry and Astronomical Reference Frames
Dresden, September 13-15 1999
Journées 1998
Conceptual, conventional and practical studies related to Earth rotation
Paris, September 21-23 1998
Journées 1997
Reference systems and frames in the space era: present and future astrometric programmes
Prague, Tcheck Republic, September 22-24 1997
Journées 1996
Deux siècles d'évolution du Système du Monde. Hommage Laplace
Paris, September 23-25
Journées 1995
Earth Rotation, Reference Systems in Geodynamics and Solar System
Varsaw, Poland, September 18-20 1995
Journées 1994
Les systèmes de référence et les constantes astronomiques fondamentales
Paris, June 13-14 1994
Journées 1992
Géodynamique Globale et Systèmes de Référence
Paris, June 1-2 1992
Journées 1991
Métrologie et Astrométrie
Paris, June 3-4 1991
Journées 1990
Colloque André Danjon
Paris, May 28-29-30 1990
Journées 1989
Astrométrie et relativité
Paris, April 24-25 1989
Journées 1988
Systèmes de référence spatio-temporels
Paris, June 20-21 1988