"Nomenclature for Fundamental Astronomy" (NFA)
(Latest update: 25 October 2006; NFA IAU 2000 Glossary added on 10 October 2007)

The general task of the Working group on NFA is to provide proposals for new nomenclature associated with the implementation of the IAU 2000 Resolutions and to make related educational efforts for addressing the issue to a large community of scientists.

The IAU Working Group on NFA was created by Division I at the 24th IAU General Assembly in July 2003. Its membership was approved by the Division I OC and the IAU EC on November 2003.

The WG issue was discussed (1) during the Journées 2004, Paris, 20-22 September 2004 (see NFA Discussion )
(2) during the Journéees 2005, Warsaw (Poland), 19-21 September 2005 (see Journées 2005 Proceedings).
(3) during the XXVI IAU General Assembly in Prague (14-25 August 2006), especially during Joint Discussion 16
on "Nomenclature, Precession And New Models In Fundamental Astronomy. Applications and scientific contribution to astronomy".

Working Group Membership

Working Group objectives and methods

Newsletters 1 to 7 (latest issue: 26 December 2005)

NFA explanatory documents (latest revision: 25 July 2006)

        NFA IAU 2000 Glossary (PDF file, latest revision: 25 July 2006)

NFA Recommendations (latest revision: 2 May 2006)

IAU Report of the NFA WG (10 January 2006)

NFA WG Report for the IAU Transactions, Vol XXVIB (24 October 2006)

NFA WG Resolution proposals adopted by the XXVIth IAU GA (on 24 August 2006)

Educational documents (latest revision: 25 October 2006)

IAU 2000 Resolutions

NFA WG report at the Journées 2004

Latest proposals of the IAU NFA WG (presented at the Journées 2005)

Recent progress in astronomical nomenclature in the relativistic framework (presented at the Journées 2005)

Discussion during the Journées 2004 (2 November 2004)

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Questionnaire responses (first step: February 2004)