Proceedings instructions

  • Papers to be sent by email (multiple files or zip file) at this address : upload.jsr2023@obspm.fr. Alternatively, you can give a cloud's link for your file(s).
  • Mandatory:
      1. Paper written in LaTeX acording to the template below, figure(s) formated in png (if not, your image will be deteriorate during conversion)
      2. Name your file(s) as below :
         Latex file: LASTNAME.tex where LASTNAME is the last name of the first author
         Image files : LASTNAME_nn.png    where nn (01, 02, etc.) is the number of your image.
         In case of more than one paper for the frist author, replace LASTNAME by LASTNAME_x where x is the letter a,b, ...
  • Recommanded number of pages :
       1-6 pages for poster
       4-8 pages for oral talk
       6-10 pages for invited oral talk.
  • Deadline for submission: 1 March 2024, electronic edition in June 2024
  • Review by the SOC members and any other volunteer having contributed to JSR 2023
  • Referencing in scientific data base ADS as for Journées 2019 (https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2020jsrs.conf.....B/abstract)
Model to be used for preparing your LaTeX document :